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About photo.Synthetica

PhotoSynthetica™ is an innovation venture of ecoLogicStudio, launched by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto in 2018. The development of PhotoSynthetica™ is supported by significant academic partnerships with the Urban Morphogenesis Lab, in UCL London, and with the Synthetic Landscapes Lab, at the University of Innsbruck.


Our Mission

  • Integrate Nature into cities beautifully and efficiently.

  • Help decarbonise cities.

  • Retrofit buildings into bio-power stations.

  • Absorb and re-metabolise air pollution.

  • Bring photosynthesis to the built environment.

  • Pioneer the bio-Smart sector.

  • Cultivate the public realm collectively.

  • Enable the urban healthy food revolution.

Our Services

  • Design to manufacture: we design and produce living architectural and sculptural demonstrators integrating nature efficiently within urban indoor and outdoor environment.

  • Consulting services: we offer architecture and urban design services as well as strategic and technological implementation support.

  • Licensing of the technology: we are growing a network of highly qualified partners and suppliers to bring PhotoSynthetica to your ambitious and challenging innovative projects.


Founding Partners

co-founder and director of ecoLogicStudio, architect, curator, author and professor

co-founder and director of ecoLogicStudio, architect, author and educator

Core Organisations

architectural studio specialized in design and technology for socio-environmentally responsive cities

A unit focused on the application of recent scientific finding in Unconventional Computing to the Urban realm

A unit focused on the application of recent scientific finding in MicroBiology and BioTechnology to the Landscape

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